Causes Of Reoccurring Miscarriages


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Anomalies Of The Uterus

12-15% of habitual abortion problem is caused by the stems from the womb. This problem can lead to a more open cervix than usual which will cause reoccurring miscarriages. In order to understand or determine the cervical opening, the uterus should be examined and a hysterosalpingogram is needed too. 

The problem which can occur due to cervical insufficiency during early pregnancy can be prevented with a seam until the female and baby are safe and no complications are seen. In women who have deformity or any kind of problems are recommended to go under an operation which will fix the uterus.

Another important factor in reoccurring miscarriages is hormonal disorders. Most of the hormonal disorders will cause miscarriages. For example, the increase or decrease of the thyroid hormones can cause miscarriages. Once the condition is treated it is possible to continue pregnancy smoothly and the mother can have a healthy pregnancy.

The lack of progesterone which is secreted first from the ovaries and after the placenta will cause miscarriages as well.

In the luteal phase insufficiency condition, the missing hormone is given externally .Today, it is debatable whether there is a luteal phase insufficiency or not.

The irregularities of prolactin hormone which is also known as the milk hormone can cause infertility. Hyperprolactinemia is the most common condition. It is important to get medical treatment.

Chromosomal Causes

Chromosomal disorders are one of the most important reasons of miscarriages. The genetic factor which may cause reoccurring miscarriages can be transferred to the next individual in the family. There are a number of genetic disorders which may be the cause of recurrent miscarriages. When such situations are suspected, the male and female should take a chromosome analysis. If a pathology is detected a genetic counselling will be necessary.

The Immune System

In recent years, it has been understood very well that the unexplained and many other diseases are caused by the immune system. This system is the body’s defence mechanism. The immune system protects the body from the outside and provides protection against diseases contained within itself. The factors that activate this site itself are called antigens. The immune system sometimes may create a response against foreign antigens. It sometimes can recognise its own antigens as foreign ones. This is called autoimmune antigens.  The immune system has a memory mechanism of its own. So it actually doesn’t forget about the factors that are once met and fought. Once the disease enters the body, the immune system produces antibodies against it. These antibodies then remains in the body for a lifetime. Therefore, certain diseases which are seen in childhood will not occur again.

Autoimmune Problems

The autoimmune problems are caused by the female accepting some normal factors foreign and producing antibodies. Sometimes this situation may cause recurrent miscarriages. Most frequently in the presence of anti-phospholipids antibodies will be lower. Phospholipids are one of the cornerstones of the system. They are especially seen in the cell membrane. Anti-phospholipids antibodies will disrupt the blood flow in the placenta, and may cause clots in the circulation which may lead to miscarriages.

The first treatment for women who have experienced a miscarriage due to autoimmune causes should be given medication to prevent clotting. Aspirin is used most commonly for this purpose. It should only be used under the control of the doctor. Also to suppress the immune system, cortisone type drugs can also be used. In such patients, very close monitoring is required.

Every year many studies are being done around the world related to the immune system. Due to the research the system is better understood with each passing day. Our knowledge of this subject increases, once it is completely understood, it will be the treatment for many diseases.

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