Success Rates Of IVF and The Stress Factor


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Due to the medical developments and opportunities during the past years, the success rates of IVF has increased in serious rates. Adding additional methods to the IVF treatment will help increase the success rates by helping solve problems caused by both female and male. Methods like micro-injection will help with the IVF treatment period and decrease any problems caused by the individuals. This will eventually add up to a higher success rate. If we have to state this rate in numbers, depending on the age and life style of the patients who wish to have a child, the success rate will go up to 70%. This can be stated as very good news. 

High morale, high success!

The female should be positive at all times. It is important to be highly motivated and in a good spirit before the transfer stage of the IVF treatment and during the IVF treatment period. The female should be ready to take on any result. The female should not keep her hopes too high. Any negative results will cause serious disappointment and even the female will be very upset.

In such cases, the mother-to-be should be comforted and should be convinced to try an IVF treatment again. In such cases where the treatment is applied again, the success rates are higher when compared to the first treatment.  It should be taken under consideration because it will increase the chances of pregnancy seriously. Because the uterus and the mother is ready for pregnancy and all the necessary materials are ready for the IVF treatment. This application also prevents the female going under depression. Also trying the method again in a very short time will increase the success rates of IVF.

Stress is the most negative factor!

It is known that stress is a factor that effects any treatment negatively. It is also known to affect IVF and its success rates in a negative way. During this treatment which is extremely important people are drawn to think that the treatment might fail and feel under pressure which will lead to stress. This behaviour is more harming than any other factor. The female should keep in mind that infertility is not any different from other diseases. And the female should not forget that the chances of success are much higher than the failure. By knowing this the couple should keep going and stay positive at all times.

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