What Is An Ultrasound?



The sound waves have been used in fields such as technology and medicine  since the beginning of technological developments. At a higher frequency than the frequency of audio perceivable mankind, when used according to the response of the organs, sound waves are used in diagnosis of diseases.

Ultrasound sends high-frequency sound waves into the areas where it is applied and the reflection from sound waves helps in diagnosis. Today, ultrasound is used in many fields including obstetrics. The ultrasound device is made of a probe that allows sound waves to be converted to an image that can be seen in a monitor and connection cables.

Ultrasound is a method that is applied by means of sound waves. Ultrasound is sound waves that are used in high frequency. That is why it is not possible for the human ear to hear the sound.

What Are The Types Of Ultrasound Which Is Being Used In Women’s Health?

Standard Pelvic Ultrasound: the ultrasound which is being used in pelvic exams and in a variety of advanced pregnancies.

Transvaginal Ultrasound: the probe of the ultrasound will be placed inside the vagina.  It is usually used in patients gynaecological examinations which have a medical history of early and risky pregnancies. It can also be used in diagnosing obesity and internal diseases.

3D Ultrasound: The probe transfers the high frequency waves with the help of a computer software into 3D. In the light of technological developments, 4-dimensional moving images are being obtained by ultrasound as well.

What are the advantages and positive aspects of ultrasound?

One of the most important aspects of ultrasound in general, is the diagnosis of internal diseases. For example, internal bleeding, or organ tissue damage can be diagnosed with ultrasound in early stages. Other advantages of ultrasound is harmful X-rays aren’t used so it will not have a negative effect on children and pregnant women. Problems such as soft tissue injury can also be determined by the application of ultrasound.

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