Will The Medication Used During IVF Cause Weight Gain?


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IVF treatment is a treatment that consists of medication and a set of applications. In the past years, it is known that the medication which has been used during IVF treatment has caused problems such as weight gain and hormonal disorders. However, by the fast developing medical technology, the side effects of drugs used in IVF treatment has been reduced to minimum.

Before giving any information as to how these medicines which are used during IVF treatment have an effect on weight gain, we would first like to inform that in general, a medicine without side effects is nonexistent. The side effects of medication used during IVF treatment are not symptoms which will harm the health directly.

Medication used during IVF treatment

‘Will the medication used during IVF cause weight gain’ is amongst the most common questions which patients ask. Almost all of the medicines that are used during the IVF treatment has hormonal effects. Since they are designed to have an effect on the hormones it is possible for these medicines to create side effects such as weight gain, although it does not always cause weight gain. The hormonal medication which may cause weight gain is dependent on how the body actually reacts to these treatments. These medicines may cause accumulation of water in the body, an open appetite and oedema. However, as we have noted before, losing the weight caused by medical treatment will be easier once the treatment is over.

Will the medication used during IVF treatment cause cancer?

The other frequently asked question is if the medicines used during IVF treatment will cause cancer or not. We would like to state directly that no treatment will cause harm to a living being while trying to create another life. The organs and regions of the impact of drugs applied during the treatment will certainly not lead to cancer. The other question which patients ask frequently is: ‘Will this treatment cause menopause?’. We would like to point out that medication used during IVF treatment does not affect the function of the ovaries or the ovum.

The medicines for IVF treatment will pass dozens of tests before been given to a patient. Its effects on human health and the infant are determined first. If the these medications have any side effects on the patient or the infant, alternative treatment methods will be used during IVF in order to protect both mother and child.

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